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Pioneer a greener curriculum with our school-based vertical farming program. Our mission at Australian Urban Growers is to champion sustainable practices and food security through the innovative world of vertical farming.
In each school program we deploy a scalable vertical farming module, the size of a standard car park, with a capacity of 2592 plants total and providing 432 harvestable produce per week.
We provide CPD workshops and lesson alignment across the curriculum for teachers, and weekly Farm Club activities to facilitate student engagement and enhancing development of practical skills through a hand-in-hand approach to learning.
This program is more than an educational tool — it is a transformative experience designed to redefine learning and connect students with the future of agriculture.

Variety of green vegetables, local food, seasonal produce


Australian Urban Growers can empower communities with the tools and resources necessary to sustainably cultivate an abundance of nutritious food; playing a pivotal role in enhancing food security, promoting economic resilience, and community development.
We will deploy scalable vertical farming modules to your community, providing accessible pathways for learners to gain practical knowledge and skills in vertical farming and breaking down the barriers to entry for the sector.
Each vertical farming module is the size of a standard carpark, is scalable, customisable to the needs of the community, and holds a capacity of up to 2592 plants; producing 432 harvestable produce per week!
We believe that every community should have access to fresh, nutritious food all year round, and the necessary skills and opportunities to provide for themselves and their communities.

Become an Australian Urban Grower today and lets grow a cooler future together!

Inside of Greenhouse Hydroponic Vertical Farm Eco system.


The vertical farming sector in Australia requires a skilled workforce, leadership, and clear training pathways to grow, and Australian Urban Growers is here to provide those and lowering the barrier to entry.
Australian Urban Growers have scalable vertical farming solutions for commercial high-intensity growth of nutritious produce from within the urban landscape; producing food where it is consumed.


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Our vision is to end hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity everywhere; believing that every person should have access to fresh nutritious food, and the means to provide it for their future.
Australian Urban Growers can provide scalable vertical farming modules, and education, to provide necessary supply of fresh produce to domestic/international communities experiencing hardship; whether through natural disaster, conflict, resource limitations or other means.