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We are committed to accelerating growth of the vertical farming sector. Buy your produce from us, and learn how you can grow with us.

Welcome To Australian Urban Growers

Growing Up,
A Vertical Farm,
For Your School,
STEM & Curriculum Aligned Learning

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Locally Grown, Fresh Produce

We grow and sell fresh leafy greens and herbs

Grass Roots Education

We Foster A Community Of Future Urban Farmers

Leading Sector Development

We Deliver A Low Barrier
Entry For Urban Farmers

Innovative Vertical Farming

Scalable Solutions For Vertical Farming

Australian Urban Growers is Revolutionising urban agriculture In Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Our focus is on creating scalable, cost-effective vertical farming solutions that are easy to deploy, enabling everyone to engage in sustainable farming. Our approach combines agriculture, sustainable design, business and education to drive the growth of the vertical farming industry. We also sell fresh food from our own farms.

Why it matters

Food Security Everywhere

Climate Resilient Development

Efficient land use: Vertical farming maximises land productivity, allowing for high-yield crop cultivation in limited urban spaces.
Resource conservation: It reduces water usage and minimizes transportation needs, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.
Accessible participation: Low-cost solutions make sustainable farming accessible to a diverse range of individuals and communities.
Offers a solution for food security and year-round production
Fresh, Locally Grown, Vertically Farmed Produce

What We Grow

More Than

Urban Farms Operating
Urban Green Walls
Students Activities
Students Impacted

And We're Growing

Vertical Farming Matters. It's the Future of Cities. It's Sustainable Development.

Why does it matter? Listen Now:

What We're Working On

Explore Our Projects

Leaders In Scalable Vertical Farming Solutions

Why Choose AUG

You're a leader; you should partner with a leader at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, pioneering innovative vertical farming solutions that make a real impact on the environment and the community.

Locally Grown, Vertically Farmed, Fresh Produce

Collaborate with us to bring the best in sustainable, locally sourced produce to your table—together, we can make a healthier future.

Accelerating Sector Growth

We need you to help drive demand, innovation and expansion in the vertical farming sector, ensuring a sustainable and profitable future for all—let's accelerate growth together!

Growing From The Bottom Up

Partner with us to cultivate the future workforce from the ground up through education and training, ensuring a skilled and sustainable industry for years to come—let's grow together!
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What We're Focussed On

July 2024
We're putting the finishing touches on our new modular vertical farm. It's a scalable, simple to deploy system that's about the size of your mate's Hilux. With this, you could begin farming as many as 400 lettuces each week on a tiny footprint.

What's Next

  • We’ll focus on engaging more partners for our school-based vertical farming program. 
  • We’ll develop our community level generative economic development program. 
  • We’ll deliver our Food Safe Ready Alignment training program to small horticultural growers.
  • We’ll partner with restaurants across South East Queensland to bring the freshest produce. 
If this interests you then please contact us to discuss collaborative food opportunities.