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Sustainability Starts with Food

Do you know the impact your plate has on the planet?  

According to the United Nations, a third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are linked to food. 

And as we saw over the last few years, our current food system is dangerously fragile and putting us all at risk.  

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Vertical Farming to The Rescue

A key ingredient for a sustainable future requires a different approach to how we grow, consume and relate to food. Our vertical farming program maximises productivity in our urban areas all the while reducing our reliance on distant food sources and minimising our carbon footprint.  

We offer year-round cultivation, consistently fresh and nutritious crops, and promote water conservation while minimising chemical use and the detrimental impact on soil health.  

In addition, our vertical farms are a practical answer to challenges like limited space, resource efficiency, climate resilience, and local food security.  

It’s a win-win for people and the planet! 

The solution was to create a vertical farming sector that does not rely on expensive products and training or exist solely as indoor growing and cultivation.  

In 2014, we began building our first system and haven’t looked back.

What we do?

Australian Urban Growers works with schools, communities, businesses and individuals to grow small-batch crops using custom outdoor vertical farming systems, support and education. 

As a social enterprise, we are dedicated to cooling cities, reducing food miles, increasing food security, healing Country and creating generative economies.

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Vertical Farms for Schools & Communities

We help schools and communities install our outdoor vertical farms and provide sustainable agriculture programs and curriculum-aligned STEM education. With our farms, you’ll learn about growing future food systems in an environmentally-friendly way, while also enjoying fresh produce that’s grown from your system. 

Our program is self-sustaining. The produce from these farms goes towards funding the ongoing maintenance and continuation of our educational program.  

For Schools
For Community

Fresh Produce All Year Round

Our vertical farms allow you to grow sustainable produce such as lettuce, rocket, herbs, tomatoes and more. These crops can be used in tuckshops, cooking classes or even for your community, providing fresh and nutritious ingredients for meals.  

Since your farm is vertically stacked, you can grow more food using less space compared to traditional farming methods. This creates a steady supply of healthy produce throughout the year. And the best part is, we’re with you every step of the way with installation, setup, education and ongoing system support.  

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Practical Learning and Sustainable Development Education

Our vertical farms provide your school and community with fresh, healthy food and inspire the next generation of sustainable influence leaders. Our enrichment program includes interactive lessons, guided tours, and school clubs.  

By working with schools, we identify the skills and qualifications students need to succeed in sustainable industries. Ultimately, by helping schools foster the next generation of sustainable industry professionals, we can help to build a better future for us all.

For Business and Individuals

We also help businesses and individuals ready to support their industry or community with fresh food. Our vertical farms and green walls can be installed to support restaurants, cafes, neighbourhoods or off-grid communities.  

For Individuals

Why Work with Australian Urban Growers?

✔ We provide you with a vertical farm solution  

✔ We engage you and your community in an educational program 

✔ Our products and services can help heal Country 

✔ We intend to use our research to drive sustainable development  

✔ Our intent is to develop a collaborative, inclusive and accessible urban agriculture and vertical farming sector 

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Our Products

Developed over a decade, our offering bolsters growing capability with growth rates up to 30% faster than in-ground growing, offers water savings of 90-95%, and provides controlled nutrient wastage (no salt in the ground). Because your food can be harvested as needed, it is fresh and nutrient-rich.  

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XS Food Model

Our outdoor vertical farming system hosts up to 2,304 plants, that's 384 harvestable pieces of produce per week, in the size of a standard car park!
Green wall

Green Wall

What if you could bring fresh air to where you live, work or play, while reducing your weekly grocery bill at the same time, simply by installing a green wall?
AUG customises edible or decorative green walls for your indoor your outdoor spaces.


A collaboration between Kelvin Grove State College, Kelvin Grove Urban Village and Australian Urban Growers led to the successful creation of a thriving vertical farm. We provided the college with a vertical farm system which we maintain every week and from which we generate a variety of nutritious herbs and greens.

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